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spoken-word chicks who get hotter with each screeching reference to a "monthly visitor"

Now that I have your attention....

I'm back from "The Holidays." I headed down to NYC on Xmas eve day (219 miles in 3 hours, 50 minutes, 2 stops) to hangout with my uncle, aunt and cousin for the weekend. On Xmas Eve I went to a small party in Chelsea with my friends John and Christine, and decided that rather than try to explain to a cab driver what part of Bkln I was staying in, I'd just crash on John and Christine's floor.

They have a quite-amazing air mattress, which virtually inflates itself. So, huzzah for that.

Xmas (and Monday...and Tuesday, for that matter) were super mellow. I slept late, we all drank coffee, ate food, and I was introduced to the genius of Greg the Bunny (and Warren the Ape) and Hopeless Pictures. Both are as brilliant as, and (if it's possible) even less well-known than, Arrested Development.

Came back yesterday, and mustered the energy to see Thurston Moore (in Duck) and J. Mascis (sitting in with Magik Markers) at the Abbey. Kooky, but fun. Watch out for Major Stars; they kicked ass.

And so.

Crap. The Sixers are about to lose. To a 9-and-18 team.

Happy New Year.

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Yeah, right on Greg the Bunny, they got some pretty damn funny stuff. And Sarah Silverman. She's delicious.


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