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Chinese food

I had a fantastically gluttonous lunar new year dinner last night in Boston with Aileen, Ian and a bunch of others. They all participated in the special banquet, though I prefered to watch the jellyfish go by, and ordered a la carte. It was all quite delicious.

Now, I wish I could attribute my crazy dreams last night to all the wild food, but I actually continue to have nutty dreams pretty much every night. And this one from last night, though it may or may not be attributable to all the food, is representative:

I was at my parents house, and had been checking in on the neighbors' place for some reason or another. Suddenly, (or at least, as suddenly and bizarrely as usually happens in dreams) I was swinging (with one arm! I was super-strong!) from a very long chain out in the yard that was attached to a network of wires; the chain could slide along the wires, and I could cover a huge amount of territory. By shifting my weight, and pulling on the chain at the right moments (kind of like kicking/retracting your feet when on a swingset) I was able to swing, Tarzan-like, on this chain, sliding along the network of highwires, overflying 3 or 4 backyards in all direction. I orbited elliptically (as Kepler said would happen, though he was talking about, like, planets and stars and stuff), and really felt like I was flying. I had a great view down the long hill to the banks of the Delaware river (several miles away) over which I could see the sun rising as a giant blood-red ball just above the horizon. I called out to see if anyone at home wanted to see the big red sun rising over the river. They did not.

Oh...it is possible, (likely, even) that my flying, super-strong dream-self was not wearing any clothes.

So....yeah. Gung hay fat choi.

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HEY NOW! Hoo-ahhh!

This reminds me of a dream from my childhood which I always wished to be true: in the dream I wore giant boots which allowed me to travel great distances with only one step. There's a kids' book about this called "The Seven-League Boots" and clearly it had an effect. But the problem in the dream was that I needed to be somewhere in between the seven-league step, but could only travel in those increments. I did have clothes on, though, so that's something.


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