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sharpening the teeth

I have developed a(nother) bad habit.

You know all those cases where someone says something that sets your teeth "on edge?" You've heard of "gnashing teeth?" I'm doing it for real. Not when I sleep, which I used to do for a while as I fiddled with meds and nostrums. No, I mean while I'm awake, listening to various, nameless persecutors (who may number between 1 and several million--I'm not telling) say outlandish, mind-boggling bullshit

I don't show these teeth, because that's just not done. And so you'd hardly notice it, because it's not a snapping chomp, like an alligator or wolf. No slavering jaws

But when certain kinds of things happen lately, there's a brief silent incisor-grind, a minor molar-mesh, a quiet canine-crunch.

I need to stop it, and fast, because my parents lavished too much money (and I, too much time and pain) on my pearly whites, which once were supremely fucked-up, to risk them because somthing bugs me. I'd rather chip or lose them in a fight or bizarre gardening accident than because, like, stabbing a pen into my leg didn't "do the trick."

And no, I am not going into details about when this happens, but it's not caused only by politics, or sports. Though those are good guesses.

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"Minor molar-mesh"!

Oh, that is a very very nice phrase. Rather Nabokovian, actually.

But sorry about the grinding. I'd guess it was a certain cat-crazy [community activist] but apparently she's not an issue anymore...

Edited, with permission --CW


Lolita, fire of my loins....

Um, er....Thanks, though. Really.

Edited, because I can, and because once upon a time I knew how to spell.--CW


Yes! Totally with permission. I apologize.

Nonsense. No apology necessary.


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