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Cheney Shoots GOP Bigwig

I posted this earlier in a different category, but upon further reflection, I realized I had it wrong. White House Press Secretary Scott "Straight Dope" McClellan has outdone himself, and whoever transcribed today's press briefing about Cheney "peppering" a septuagenarian GOP donor with buckshot has helped Scotty cook up one of the most bizarre things since.....well, I was gonna say Ionesco, but that story last week about the Tupperware sex-toy parties and explosive condoms was pretty great....

So, let's just say that McClellan's latest masterwork is simply that....his latest masterwork. He more than made up for the 22 hour head start everyone else had on the story including the Corpus Christi, TX, rag--via the Armstrong matriarch who, and I'm just guessing here, rules the ranch in question with a bony yet crushingly-strong fist.

And it's a good thing Scott is around, too. Because the story itself, frankly, needed a little punching up: elderly lawyer in Tejas (who oversees the licensing of funeral parlors) doesn't follow "protocol" by announcing his presence BEHIND PEOPLE CARRYING GUNS and gets sprayed with lead while hunting. The gunman? None other than VPOTUS. So then what? Well, it seems those on the scene took a few hours to get their stories straight make sure the old fart was going to pull through, and then decided let the rest of us in on what had happened--by allowing a civilian to call the local broadsheet.

So as you can see, there's not nearly enough going on there to hold my interest, but maybe that's just me.

The point is I'm damn glad McClellan was around today. And I'm sure we all look forward to further genius from him (and his unwitting foils in the White House press corps) soon.

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Sadly, as we had hoped, despite Paul Kangas' "sharp wit," there were no cracks about "quail futures" or last night's Nightly Business Report. Nor was he sporting a neon orange jump-suit.

Boo! Ah well. But, I guess there are times when being named "Paul Kangas" is simply going to have to suffice.


Oh, how I wish I was the first to think of the "Cheney's Got a Gun" headline...

Maybe POTUS will go hunting with VPOTUS soon? One can only hope.

(And with that comment, the terrorist surveillance network arrives at my house.)

*knock knock*

"H-h-hello, Colonel....Who? Kate? Nope, never heard of her. Websight? What is this "websight?" As you can see, I am but a simple peasant. I tend my crops and glean protein from the fleas of my neighbors' flock. I have no time for your computers."

As an aside, maybe we should add "potus" to the list of words that sound dirty but aren't (at least, not in "that" way).


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