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it's a good idea to cover-up during dinner

Top Topless Beaches from Forbes.com (RealPlayer)

From the network of flat-tax weirdo Steve Forbes, comes this advice about the best topless beaches in the world, nude vacationing, and nudist etiquette.

Happily (by which I mean "incrementally more arousingly, much-less creepily, but also a whole lot less amusingly"), the advice is delivered by a couple of J-school bimbos (clothed, and in a studio, at that), and not Steve himself.

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Oh. WOW.

First, do I want to ask how you found that? I mean, you were searching for stock tips, right?

And, secondly, could they have picked more bimbo-ish girls?!?!

If you have to cover up for dinner, it's not a REAL nudist colony.

Stock tips...of course. I'd clicked on a story (about Apple, as it happens) on Yahoo; it took me to Forbes, where I saw the "most popular videos" box. At the top was "top topless beaches." And naturally (!) I clicked it.

David Sedaris (or is it David Foster Wallace?) has a great story about going to a nudist camp, and playing nude shuffleboard, etc. Apparently one can never have too many towels.

Strange that the Forbes bunnies didn't mention that.

[Edit, because having "too few towels" doesn't make any sense at all. --CW]


It was Sedaris, definitely.

Just thought of something:

Ironically (is that the word I mean?) I read the Sedaris story sitting by the pool at some fantastically luxurious and over-irrigated resort in Tucson--on a towel, but not for "that" reason.



Yikes! Glad you qualified that...


BTW, I hope that my gravestone one day reads "flat-tax weirdo." Also, great band name.


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