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you want to figure it out?

This past week was a strange one. It started out simultaneously awkward and hopeful, with a new employment caper I'm not prepared to talk about yet, and a reconnection with an old friend. There was a humdrum week in the middle, unremitting cold and vague flashes of something new (or at least happy and familiar). There were also some stupendous hijinks at the Phoenix with Tim and Albert, where a completely bizarre dude, upon finding out I was from Philadelphia, seemed to accuse *me* of stealing Ben Franklin from Boston. The week wrapped up with more friends (some new and fascinating) and bowling, a nice Sixers win against the Wiz (Antonio Daniels is still looking for his shoes), an utterly unfamiliar sense of well-being, a haircut, a huge and wonderful Tarheels win at Duke (check out Noel's dunk, Hansbrough's three, and Redick's bricks), and an intensely irritating Sixers loss to the Pacers.

So....lots of ups, and no significant downs (I'll trade a Sixers loss for a Tarheels win any day at this time of the year). And almost none of them were expected. And I rather like that.


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