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life imitates art

At work, I've been helping to build a program that grabs real(ish)-time weather data, and displays it on your cellphone with slick, attractive-yet-functional graphics. All well and good (more or less).

Interestingly, the weather has been nothing short of perfect for just under two weeks. There was rain yesterday (8/15) and there was some humidity on Monday 8/7. But other than that, since the heat broke on 8/3, it's been sunny, crisp and pleasantly cool.

This means that that the weather that this little application is displaying has been unvaryingly sunny/clear. Not the best for demos (yes, I could fake the data, but part of the testing involves feeds from external sources, so...).

And that means that I'm starting to get the sense that as long as I'm working on this app, the weather will stay perfect. Which for the time-being is ok. Not least because I'm atoning for fucking with the weather when I switched to summer tires (and made it snow) and took my hardtop off (and made it rain for 6 straight days).

But I feel like I might get a bit bored at some point. So enjoy the sun while it lasts.

And doesn't that just say it all?


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