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more breathless hysterics from Boing Boing

Boing Boing: eMusic bones subscribers with downgrade

Considering that I generally agree with him on most things, Cory Doctorow (unintentionally) finds a way to bug me surprisingly often.

The latest?

Seems that eMusic is changing their subscription plans, to give only 30 downloads for $9.95 a month. Down from 40 downloads/month. Down from unlimited, when the service started. Somehow, Cory thinks this is unfair to subscribers even though current subscribers are grandfathered in at the old download cap.

So eMusic is raising their prices. BFD. It's one of the things businesses do as they get successful (another is that they cut prices to go for market share). Even with the new prices, eMusic is still more free (as in beer) than iTunes, and (more critically to someone like Cory) more free (as in speech) than iTunes.

Go figure. You'd think someone who's so against DRM would be willing to pay more for DRM-free music.

I wish he'd calm down somtimes.


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