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the last time I had a Halloween costume

the last time I had a Halloween costume
Happy Halloween, or something
Originally uploaded by rotorglow at 31 Oct '06, 6.31pm EST.

...was 2003. And this was it, such as "it" was.

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ha ha ha ha.
That wig (please god I hope that's a wig) looks pretty awesome. Is there a clear boundary between red/blue? Is there some white in the middle?!?!

Oh yeah, it's a wig. There's a big white section right down the middle. It's looks like a cross between Dr. J's afro and the red/white/blue basketball he used to dunk in the ABA.

Which is a nice retroactive justification for having worn it in first place, what with Dr. J being a badass, and red/white/blue being....um...


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