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Happy...Election Day?

Happy...Election Day?
Originally uploaded by rotorglow at 8 Nov '06, 1.09am EST.

In celebration of our inalienable rights as Amurricans to covet and ridicule automobiles, Tim, Kat, Miles, David (who blogs most excellently at The Right Pedal), Michelle and I went to the New England International Auto Show last night. It was good fun. Lots of bright and shiny hardware.

This is the Mazdaspeed3, on which I'm kind of crushing out at the moment. It's the current best-bang for your performance-buck. You can't get more speed for the money. It's the smart, seductive yet very approachable girl who keeps laughing at your jokes and touching your arm.

"So, what are you doing later?" she eventually asks, twirling a lock of hair around her finger.

"Oh....um, well, I'm....look," you stammer. "If things were different, I'd...um...but, see, I've been with Veloce for a couple years, and....Actually, you probably know her..... the hot rear-wheel-drive converitble over there? You're distant cousins, and all."

"Ahhhh, Veloce...." she sighs theatrically. "Sure, I've heard about her, but I've never met her." The MS3 pouts, then brightens: "I'd like to, though; I hear she's really nice and I think we'd all have fun together...." she coos, as she looks up through her bangs.

"Oh! [heh heh] Gosh, well maybe we could all go see a movie or something...."

" 'Or something....' Like 'zoom-zoom!'" she purrs in reply.

Then you faint.

Point is, IF I hadn't driven RWD for 2 years, and IF I didn't feel I needed a convertible, and IF I was in the market for a new car, I'd get an MS3 in a heartbeat (since I don't have $40K/$70K/$100K to spend on wish-list cars in those price ranges [335i, S6, RS4, S8, CLS63 AMG, in order]).



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