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new moan, yeah

Settle down. It's not what you think.

It seems I've gotten pneumonia somehow. On the one hand this is reassuring, because it means I haven't been imagining all this. On the other hand, it feels somewhat less than....robust? virile? Dunno. If I'd been on Kilimanjaro it'd be one thing, but as far as I can tell, I've merely been working (a lot, but still...) and riding the T.

Ah! The T. A rolling petri dish. In the 5 months since I stopped driving to work, I've gotten one cold and one case of pneumonia. Terrific.

Anyway, I went to the doc today, had my lungs irradiated, got a scrip (for Zithromax! CLD represent!), was on the T next to "DJ Nitetrain" (who was festooned with portable CD players, carried a bunch of record bags and smelled like the inside of a garden hose) and now I'm lying around watching all sortsa TV (though not Laguna Beach): The Pink Panther, a little bit of Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Tigers/Yankees (why can't Jim Leyland take over the Phillies?), The Out of Towners (the original, not the remake)....

Point is, I'm occupying myself, but I'd much rather driving around (the weather is amazing at the moment) or be carousing, or drinking these two chocolate stouts I bought at Cardullo's (while looking for mint tea).

But noooo....*cough*.

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Yay Tigers!

And Zithromax! Holy shit. I feel partially responsible for the success of that stupid drug. I remember way back when I started working on that project, a certain CLD boss said to me, "This is one of the drugs that really works." I was kind of surprised that she'd say this, but later I realized that all of the other stuff we write about is only negligibly better than its competitors. (But there's a 2% decrease in insomnia!) My favorite Zmax job was one of the first e-tutorials: we made a game based on the Compaq iPaq (is their punctuation like iPod?) and it was soooooo 2002.

So, Zmax represent!

But boo, pneumonia.

I hear yah about the T. I've been bicycling into work every day but a couple of weeks back I had to take the T two or three times during the start of the week. Wouldn't you know it that Saturday I wake up with a cold. Now I know why all of the Japanese public transportation riders are wearing face masks and gloves.


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