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the virus playground

So, I've been laid low by something since Monday night. Came home early yesterday, stayed home today, and....don't feel much better. Mostly because I've been working from home instead of sleeping. Which sucks.

Also, it was 76 degrees today; a perfect time to be fevered.

Heavy business is going down at work, at just the time I'm least able to keep the train on the tracks. Or interested in doing so.

The one thing I can hold onto is that I'm not mixing my metaphors.

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Indeed suckage about having to work from home while sick. May your fever induced delirium not produce more bugs.


I am sorry you are sick! My rx: naps and chicken soup (if you have a Jewish grandma to make you matzo balls, all the better) and Laguna Beach reruns.

Okay, so LB might not work for you as well as it does for me. But that's not a huge deal, because the other 2 are the real cures.


I'll be pissed if you're the start of the pandemic.

Thank you all for the good wishes. I don't know if I'm producing any more bugs (in my code) but I know I'm not very good at seeing the existing ones when I'm like this.

I'm definitely big on the naps this week, as well as the chicken soup. There're no Jewish grandmas in my background, maybe that's why I stay sick so long? Dunno. Laguna Beach would *not* help me, I'm sorry to say. I've been sticking with Daily Show, whatever races (Japanese Grand Prix is this weekend!) or old movie the Speed Channel is showing (a couple nights ago it was "Hell's Belles...") and Turner Classic Movies.

Lynch, I doubt I'm the start of the pandemic. I mean, nobody else who went to the Big Dog got sick. I figured that beefs (um...) up my immune system, but someone or something on the Red Line got through to me. But don't be mad. I promise not to breathe on Miles if he promises not to poop on me.


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