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April 12, 2007

My pic on one of the parking stickers left on the car of a Cambridge refugee in Tempe, AZ

The world is just too small.

13 things

As I type this, I'm listening to Nerd Tank, a show on EVR described as "bleepwave."

I was in Phillytown this past weekend, visiting the 'rents and going to see Spamalot at the Academy of Music.

Scooter Girl rode shotgun in both directions, and did some navigating and van photographing.

On the way to dropping her off in South Jersey, we stopped in to see her niece, Anna, who is Miles-cute; and that's saying something.

Since I got back on Monday, I've been working at home because my office is undergoing renovations and there's plater dust everywhere.

Two weekends ago, I took care of the Lynch wienerdogs, who now, along with Harvey, are forced to bear the brunt of my ticking dog-ological clock, since I don't get to rumble with the Rocket anymore.

Scooter Girl joined me in the dogsitting task as well, proving expert in throwing a stinky donut for Otis, and (endlessly) playing soccer with Remy.

We then headed up to Cape Ann to see the sights, and came upon a spectacular used record/cd/tape/bric-a-brac store in Gloucester called Mystery Train records, where I bought (among other vinyl treasures) an LP of recordings of early 60s sports cars (Ferraris, Lancia, a couple of MGs and others).

I'm going to post photos of some of the album covers soon.

And also some more of the wienerdogs.

That same weekend I managed to avoid driving a Mazdaspeed3 while getting an oil change, for fear of what I might do to my bank account; so I'm still hoping my dad buys one, and I won't have to.

Speaking of car service, I have not taken my winter tires off yet; so, unlike last year, the current spate of cold weather (and impending accumulation of "snow and ice pellets") cannot be blamed on me.

I wore my Eagles jersey today, and got a virtual fist-bump from some dude on a moving truck outside my building: "I like that jersey, man. Go Eagles. Word."

April 13, 2007

let's all stop complaining about the weather

let's all stop complaining about the weather
Originally uploaded by rotorglow at 15 Jan '06, 5.59pm EST PST.

That's more to myself than anyone else, but....

April 15, 2007


On Friday, Scooter Girl and I saw Grindhouse, the splendidly cartoonish Rodriguez/Tarantino homage to B-movies of all kinds (zombie, s/exploitation, car-chase, etc.) It's a dense 3+ hour rollercoaster ride of absurdity: satirically bad dialogue and violence, but also strikingly fantastic ensemble acting (by the hottest of ass-kicking girls) and group dialogue (does anyone do that better than Tarantino?), some lump-in-the-throat viciousness and a truly eye-popping set of car chases to wrap it all up.

So....zombies, supervixens, and Mopars. Can't beat it.

Afterward, while the credits were rolling, I asked SG if she'd seen Duel, Steven Spielberg's first feature, involving Everyman (in the form of a character named David Mann, played by Dennis Weaver) in a Plymouth Valiant against a faceless, murderous evil in a dilapidated Peterbilt tanker truck.

She said she hadn't.

The next day, during a discussion about the cheesy glee of Grindhouse, SG's hairdresser said, "Have you seen Duel?"

Again, she said she hadn't.

But then, she found it on on-demand. And after she said she was watching it, I threw the work I was supposed to be doing overboard and watched it too. It's a pretty simple story, as an unassuming, gently-henpecked businessman is forced to run from a mystifying killer truck; man against man, man against machine, nature, evil....Will Everyman discover previously unknown strength and ingenuity?

Beyond these existential questions, the movie just rocks: Desert chases! A slant-six-powered Valiant (just like the slant-six Dart i learned to drive in)! (I'm struck by how completely opposite the terrain and atmosphere in the movie is to the torrential quasi-hurricane that's raging outside. Spring in New England.....)

And now I'm watching the Bahrain grand prix, instead of sleeping. Because my priorities are all out of whack.


Dust, gasoline, tire smoke, bare skin and diesel.

Makes Monday OK.

April 19, 2007


Tim: So, what is better about the Tim Sweeney show is that, next Sunday, I have to help Kat give an AM presentation to her mom's group about diapers
Tim: by handling Miles, that is
Chris: !
Tim: she warned me not to be hungover.
Tim: I think that would be fabulous
Tim: scruffy...bruised...hungover
Tim: Being told to sit in the car
Tim: "oh my"
Chris: especially if it's not just Sunday morning, but, like, Sunday afternoon at 5PM
Tim: Maybe i'll be smoking
Tim: ...perhaps from catching fire the night before.
Chris: "What?? He has an ear infection. The smoke is good for him!"
Chris: what, pray, is there to say about diapers?
Tim: ...just ask Kat
Tim: She's the Avon lady of GDiapers
Chris: ohhh, those things.
Chris: are there going to be other dads there?
Tim: nope
Chris: lol
Chris: sweet
Tim: Ladies ladies!
Chris: shit.
Chris: "There's plenty. Just stay calm."
Tim: Here, I brought my dog's sex doll
Tim: ...
Chris: *scuffle*
Tim: "My man LOVE me"
Chris: *worried quack*
Tim: my sides

April 28, 2007

somebody stop me

somebody stop me
Originally uploaded by rotorglow at 28 Apr '07, 7.40pm EDT PST.

Joe and Leah are moving to MN in a couple of weeks. So we got together last night to celebrate how they won't be around anymore.

I'm actually very sad about it; I'm just putting on a brave face. Or, if this picture is any indication, a stupid, wide-eyed, sign-throwing face.

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