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May 10, 2007



In keeping with a general desire to have as many media under my thumb as possible (the better with which to say absolutely nothing at all), I've started a tumbleblog, rotorglow.tumblr.com
. It seems a good place to put the moment-by-moment cool things that crop up through the day.

Then again, maybe I should just post those here.

Or, through the magic of MT widgets, I can do both, by just embedding the RSS feed for the tumbleblog in the sidebar to the right. So that's what I've done; the "TUMBLGLOW" section shows the 5 most recent entries ("tumbles?"...eww...) on the tumbleblog.

I'm not sure this will raise the quality of discourse around here, or just the quantity.

Like a lot of things, I found about this from Clampants, who's got a nice tumbleblog of his own underway.

Update (1739 EDT): Rats. Well, reading the fine print confirmed that only the entries in the feed at the time the index template (=this page) is rebuilt get pulled into the page. And it doesn't work with dynamically generated pages. So for the tumbleblog feed to be kept updated would require me to rebuilt the index page everytime the feed is updated (which I'm not going to do), or setup a cron job to rebuild the page periodically just in case there are feed changes to display (which I doubt I'm going to do). So I'll find a more elegant solution soon. Meanwhile, just click the damn tumbleblog link further down the page under the "me" section.

May 15, 2007

JPG Magazine shitstorm

Derek Powazek – The Real Story of JPG Magazine

I guess I don't participate in the right communities (or take enough pix?) to get terribly worked up about this specifically, but it seems a shame.

I flipped through JPG Mag a few times, thought it was a cool idea, considered subscribing, and then let it wash away from my head. Now there's a shitstorm spinning up about the ouster/resignation of the founders, Derek Powazek and Heather Powazek Champ, who're (seemingly) crazy-smart people and have been involved in some very cool other projects, like Flickr, The Mirror Project and Fray. All of these things have struck me as awesome at various points.

I didn't know about all of the interconnectedness of these projects things, but as I've dug into JPG a little (admittedly as a direct result of the shitstorm and the indignation of some Flickrites who've canceled their JPG accounts), I'm getting wistful for something that never really registered with me. Weird. And crazy.

Because I work for a startup, the other thing that strikes me about this is that startups are a mess. And I worry that building them with your friends (which I haven't done--I make the friends when I go to work at places, not the other way around) is a mess (especially when you throw investors into the mix). I know a few people with big ideas and I worry about them getting co-opted or usurped as things "move forward" or they try to "grow" the idea.

Maybe I feel bummed out (and left out) because it's an art/community site--and moreover a "community" associated with an "art" that I'm particularly fond of.

Or maybe it's turning out that I simply don't like the new world of business, ideas, information and money.

May 17, 2007

why is this man smiling?


This is my dad. And this is his new car.

Compare with this, 41 years ago.

May 18, 2007

Ray Kurzweil in Fortune

The smartest (or the nuttiest) futurist on Earth - May 14, 2007

Brian's profile of Ray Kurzweil for Fortune came out a couple weeks ago.

May 31, 2007

I've been lax

I haven't been writing much lately; and it's not that nothing's been happening, just that I've....not been writing much lately. So on a day when I've gotten virtually nothing done, it seems weirdly incongruous to write a post about not writing posts.

I've hung out with/endured the wiener dogs for a night. With Scooter Girl's help, the hardtop came off the car (which put a stop to the new car pangs I was feeling after my dad got his new ride). We've seen movies like Vanishing Point and The Lives of Others. I've yelled at the TV. I've been to the Publick House and I've hung out with
Miles (at Publick House and elsewhere).

Speaking of new cars, I'm going to Phila this weekend to visit my parents, and aforementioned monstrous new car. Flying instead of driving, because I can't face the NJTP twice in 2 months.

And there it is. Nothing new. Nothing really happening, just continually moving, like a shark, to keep water running through the gills.

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