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June 5, 2007

cars everywhere

cars everywhere
Assassinate this Lincoln
Originally uploaded by therightpedal at 3 Jun '07, 8.19pm EDT.

I just got back from a weekend in PA, and will be mumbling something about that before too long.

In the meantime, please enjoy these pix from the Greenwich Concours d'Elegance that David took over the weekend. Seems like it was an amazing show. My faves?

The Lincoln pictured above.
The Bugatti Veyron
These Aston Martins
And this Jaguar

Spectacular! All I've got is an Oldsmobile station wagon and a Dodge Aries.

June 12, 2007

Miles On the Move

Miles On the Move
Miles On the Move
Originally uploaded by rotorglow at 11 Jun '07, 11.45pm EDT PST.

I'll write that (anti-climactic) recounting of my recent weekends real soon. But until then, here're some pix of Master Miles I took over the weekend.

flip4mac WMV component for OS X and restarting WM streams

Flip4Mac Community Forum - MLB.TV & GameDay Audio Now Compatible with Flip4Mac


I've been using the Flip4Mac WMV component to play WMV files and streams on OS X. In general, it's a huge improvement over the decrepit Microsoft app (which, indeed, has been discontinued in favor of the these sactioned-by-Microsoft 3rd party plugins), but there was one glaring problem for me: every Windows Media stream cough mlb.com cough would restart after 5 minutes or so of playing time, restarting from the point at which you started the stream.

To fix it, you have to close and reopen the stream. This is really goddamned annoying if you're listening to a baseball game. Which, I'm happy to say, is the only time I have to deal with Windows Media streams.

I'd tried reverting back to the Microsoft app, which Scooter Girl found worked well for her in this particular application, but didn't want to give up the other notable advantages of the Flip4Mac components. Tried running XP within Parallels on OS X to listen to the stream with the real Microsoft plugin, but 1GB of RAM is a lot to give up just to (basically) run a web server [wtf?] browser. The eventual solution was to listen to the games on my XP laptop; which is fine, though it (A) means I still deal with XP and (B) means I have an extra laptop lying out on the coffee table.


But Google is my friend, and I finally found an answer to the problem: enable "Create Streaming Movies" in the Player tab of the Flip4Mac pref pane. Not really sure why I didn't try that (besides the fact that there's nothing that would indicate I should have), but there it is.

A fix!

Fascinating, huh?

June 14, 2007

George Saunders interview in Stay Free!

Stay Free! Daily: George Saunders, American

Stay Free! is a pretty great print zine, published initially in NC when I lived down there in the 90s. I met Carrie McLaren a few times when I was down there before she (and Stay Free!) moved north, and was always impressed with her (and other SF! contributors') wit and insight. Now it looks like the print edition is going going south (in a bad way) and is ceasing publication soon. Boo.

But they've got a nice interview with one of my favorite fiction authors, the incomparable George Saunders, which was apparently supposed to appear in the final print issue, but for now is online.

June 25, 2007

this one's for Jeff Green


Harvard moved some buildings around this past weekend, requiring the closure of Mass Ave and the dissembling of powerlines, traffic signals and all kinds of detours.

A lot of other stuff was going on this weekend, too, and I've got 300+ pix to sort through before I put any of them on Flickr.

But in the meantime, I whipped up a quick and dirty animated GIF of one of the buildings pulling out onto Mass Ave, and starting its trip up the street. And by "quick" I do not mean it's quick to download. It's about 3.5MB.

June 28, 2007

Murderous Air Conditioner, Garden Street

Murderous Air Conditioner, Garden Street
Murderous Air Conditioner, Garden Street
Originally uploaded by rotorglow at 28 Jun '07, 10.07am EDT.

You always hear about these things happening, but.....

An air conditioner fell out of a 5th floor window in my building this morning, right before I walked out the side door. My story and picture are on Flickr.

Also, like everyone else today, I made a couple of Simpsons avatars.

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