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Sleep and Dreams Part 2

Besides Christmas, which I still enjoy (especially the gift buying and decorating the tree), the one thing I really like about this time of year is the bedding you get to use. I have an awesome set of flannel sheets from L.L. Bean. I combine those with a fleece blanket and finally a comforter from some bed set a got awhile ago. Fluffy, warm, and soft. I love my bed.

From Mar 8, 2001:

I'm trying to return a knife to Stephanie. I park my car and start running to her house. I get lost along the way and run into a large group of business men who I think look like detectives. I think they will discover the knife and take it. I'm in sweat pants. I keeping running and end up at a convention where I try and go through to find out where I am, but they are charging money. I wander around and end up finding a bathroom which I use.

When I come out there is a store selling Halloween stuff and they have big scary cards. I want to buy one for Stephanie, but I'm afraid I'll drop the knife when I go to pay for it. I head back to the bathroom and notice I've accidentally, cut myself with the knife. I'm now afraid the wound will never heal because the knife is made out of some funky metal. I finally jog back to my car and wake up.

Kind of a trippy dream. I have a book that deals with dream interpretation, but I've never been able to convince myself that there is anything to that.


I think there is something to dream interpretation, however everything must be interpreted within the context of your life. The knife may mean something in the book, but returning the knife to Stephanie might be very different. I'm glad you didn't complete your mission. I don't want to hear what happens when you give stephanie a knife. ;)