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Introspection (was Reading)

I've started reading The High Price of Materialism by Tim Kasser after John highly recommended it. This book along with watching the recent Lincoln documentary on the History Channel has got me thinking about my life and what matters in it. The relationship between those two topics may not be obvious and it doesn't all make sense in my head yet either. The linking factor seems to be depression.

I don't know if this feeling stems from some mild hypochondria I always seem to get when this aren't quite right. Maybe my atheistic views are having a negative impact on my well being. Or maybe my introversive tendencies are depriving me of rich interactions. I know that periods of brooding and sulking have hurt past relationships, yet I'm tormented by that invisible shell I project making it hard to break through. This is only complicated by the fact that I'd rather be an ostrich then confront the problem.

I'm sure this doesn't present well to those reading this blog, but then again I sometimes wonder why I even started this blog.


Dude...it presents fine. Oh man....The Shell. I know what you mean. I have one of my own; it's as opaque as, but even less portable than, a hardtop.... I don't really know where they come from. I don't think it's as simple as waking up and discovering that it's there; they must (must!) build up slowly over time. It's not like we just get encased in amber, like some kind of bug. And that must mean we can bust claw or bust out, right? Right?
I've (sadly) usually been able to express myself better with impersonal text than face-to-face. There's a whole lot more to say about this. Yet I find myself at a loss for words! Bah.