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Best Laid Plans

The frequency with which Friday ends with plans that I hope to accomplish over the weekend and the realization Sunday night that few if any of those plans has been completed seems to increase with each week. It isn't that my weekend is filled with activities that prevent me from working on my list, I just seem to default to an almost couch potato state. In some cases other items take up the time I had planned to spend, but in general I think I default to procrastination. I've talked about that in the past, but in this case I think it is all bad procrastination.

Part of my view on it, is that nothing really bad has ever happened to me as a result of procrastination. Or maybe more importantly I've never directly linked procrastination to anything really bad happening to me. It is possible I recharacterized it as apathy, which while related to procrastination in my mind, is different. In either case I continue to procrastinate.

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