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If it isn't broke don't fix it

I've wasted too many hours over the last couple of days playing with MovableType 4.2 only to find out that I don't really need it. Granted there are some nifty new features in it, but it feels much slower. I attempted to speed it up using mod_perl but met great difficulty. I didn't even get around to making sure that all of my plugins were doing the right thing since half of the ones I had I think I saw on the don't use with MT4 list. Thankfully I did all my upgrade testing in a separate copy of my database and published to a new location so nothing got lost.

If I was starting a brand new blog I'd still strongly consider using MovableType but given all of the customization of templates, plug-ins, and pages I've done to my existing version it was turning into too big of a task without enough gain. Too bad I didn't have that foresight yesterday when I started down this doomed path.

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That whole "you don't have to upgrade software unless you actually need the new features" is a tough lesson for a lot of us to learn. I think geeks have an instinctive need to have the latest and greatest, even when it's not really so great. I've mostly gotten over it, but it took hours and hours of utter fail before I figured it out.