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Amazon Web Services (AWS) for ActionScript 3, Flex, or AIR

As I've been toying with some new application ideas I've been curious what the current state of Amazon Web Service (AWS) support for ActionScript 3, Flex, or AIR is. Most of the sample code I've found so far is for Ruby, PHP, or Java, basically languages that have a rich server side presence. The lack of AS3 libraries makes some sense given security issues with running code on the client and its need to access your AWS secret key to create valid requests. However, management applications or user based services (i.e. the user must sign up for an AWS account) that could hold the keys for a session or store securely for AIR applications would benefit from such an interface. Below are the libraries that I've been able to find so far, if there are additional resources out there I'd love to hear about them.

Given the lack of cross domain files for certain AWS services, the lack of ActionScript only APIs kind of makes sense.

as3awss3lib: ActionScript 3.0 library for interacting with Amazon S3. Requires the AIR runtime environment and some other libraries. Source code only.

awsapi: An actionscript library to access the Amazon Web Services API. No documentation. Code doesn't look like its fully baked. Looks to only be for Amazon's eCommerce features.

SimpleDB for AS3: An implementation of SimpleDB for AS3. Requires the AIR runtime environment. Minimal documentation.


Thanks for these links - I've spent most of the day trying to figure out if it's possible to interact with Amazon's AWS using actionscript...