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Choices, I have too many. It seems every day I run across something else that I want to learn and play with. Attending BarCamp didn't help. Reading blogs and newsgroups isn't helping. Buying more books definitely isn't helping. I've only got so much free time and right now a good portion of that is being used up training for my upcoming bicycle trip. I'm beginning to wonder if there is some other underlying reason for all of the intellectual angst. Too bad I'm not disciplined enough right now to actually list out and rank everything and just focus on something.

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I understand and empathize. How many projects to I have on my list? How much re-branding of myself and my work would I like to finish before the end of summer? How many races am I signed up for, or thinking about doing? How much time does Bo need? Or my friends, or my family? I just hope that you're doing what you *want* to do, not just a bunch of *have to* items is all. Thinking of you.
I'm feeling awash in books too. I'm pretty sure it's the way to go. This tactic wouldn't work for bicycling, but I have learned to read while walking the dog. Obtaining a book can be a real time saver. For one thing, it ends speculation about whether you should get the book or not. Srsly! I often check the library first, even with new tech books. The Los Angeles Public Library will search and deliver from any branch, to yours, and Chicago must have the same arrangement. Also good is the local university library, although less convenient physically. I have found that audio books do not work for tech materials, either because of availability or non-listen-ability. I highly recommend listing everything out, and maybe ranking it. That will get rid of 89 percent of the angst, at least for the time being, whether you focus down or not.