May 23, 2010


Choices, I have too many. It seems every day I run across something else that I want to learn and play with. Attending BarCamp didn't help. Reading blogs and newsgroups isn't helping. Buying more books definitely isn't helping. I've only got so much free time and right now a good portion of that is being used up training for my upcoming bicycle trip. I'm beginning to wonder if there is some other underlying reason for all of the intellectual angst. Too bad I'm not disciplined enough right now to actually list out and rank everything and just focus on something.

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March 30, 2010

Ideas for Adobe Flash Platform

Got an idea for an Adobe product in the Flash Platform that isn't quite a bug? View and rate ideas at:

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September 28, 2006

Art Project Idea

I don't really have the time or more importantly the interest but I think you could do a really neat art project making a photo mosaic out of beer bottle caps.

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