September 26, 2007

Flashforward Boston: Imagination and Technology

Rough Draft Notes

Craig Swann, CRASH!MEDIA
Chief imagination officer

interactive toy maker

not about flash or flex or as3
want to talk about ideas
R&R=R&D blurring line of work and play
happiness is fuel of creativity
work less play more
creative cross-pollination
all about changing the way you look at things, makes the things you look at change

everything is an API, HAPI, hates the word user

listen, watch, touch, sense
ambient awareness, listen 360 degrees (built-in microphone)

visualization of microphone input, how it plays into environment design. Line in audio and.
kaleidescope video example, stop video example triggered on sound

speech recognition

watch (like a computer with a set of eyes)
motion threshold (detecting presence)

more about the idea dn how to interact with the computer.
userface (computer vision)

video difference visualization to show motion

motion mapping example, going beyond simple interactivity.

gesture based interface.

color tracking.

how to simulate mutli-touch
multi color tracking color mixing interface

time delay video across a grid
line based video delay

how to control time through the interface
video displacement of time, linear record and playback versus real-time

physical realm
wind chimes are constantly touching tie to sound samples, virtual wind chimes
lock that can be wired up (physical control)
rings on fingers connected to wires, contact with thumb, 8 connection gives a scale
conductive paint and pencil to create interface

painting with light: litegraf
ipac on painters palette plugged into computer

many forms of control, make controller, arduino
light sensor and cover it, phidgetRFID
radio control car controller to remotely control flash

SMS sudden motion sensors
using accelerometers for physical version of breakout

OSC (way to get data into flash)

midi controller

wii interface to flash and ability to play with it

try something different today

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August 31, 2007

on AIR Bus Tour Boston: AIR and Flash Video in 20 minutes

Thierry Curis from Akami gave a talk about using Flash Video in AIR.

Akami is creating an open source connection class (main site) that is robust, lightweight, and flexible, with credits to Will Law. Pure AS3 code. Setup to handle on demand content and protocol detection.

He gave a demo using the AkamaiConnection class to show streaming content. Some sample code is below. The complete source is available.

public function init():void {
    var ak:AkamaiConnection = new AkamaiConnection();

    // Some of the setup properties
    ak.createStream = true;
    ak.maxBufferLength = 5;
    ak.useFastStartBuffer = true;

    // Some of the events

    // handle connecting to the content
    ak.addEventListener(AkamaiNotificationEvent.CONNECTED, connectedHandler);
    // handle network connection going online/offline
    ak.addEventListener(AkamaiStatusEvent.NETCONNECTION, netStatusHandler);
    // know when the length of the stream becomes available
    // read it through the ak.streamLength property
    ak.addEventListener(AkamaiNotificationEvent.STREAM_LENGTH, streamLengthHandler);

    // where the stream is located

public function connectedHandler(event:AkamaiNotificationEvent):void
    var video:Video = new Video();

// once enough content has streamed"filename");

// methods to control the playback

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May 31, 2006

DVR and a Mac

Lately I've been playing with what can be done with my DVR and my Mac. It turns out the firewire port on the back of my Motorola DCT6412 III can be easily used to pipe video to the Mac. There is a great step-by-step manual at macteens. The only problem is that I can't seem to find a way to capture a program that I've already recorded. I start the playback and see the traffic on the Mac but nothing gets recorded. I suspect that some special flag is being set that prevents recording the program. Which is a bummer since I wanted to extract a news segment that a friend asked me to record. If you have any ideas, let me know.

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