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Rock and roll bands are big exponents of property ownership (or: how I learned to stop worrying and accept my crush on Michelle Mae)

EDIT, 1044: Fixed the links.

I've been doing some thinking lately (="off and on for a number of years") about what is necessary (vs. "sufficient", which is a different concept altogether) to be happy. What i really want to be doing, where, and with whom. Job, housing, friends, music, food (shoot, I sound like Mark Renton)...sure, these are important. And I got 'em. But are they the right kinds to really sink my teeth into and enjoy?

More after the jump, if you dare.

So, clearly, I've got the perfect friends, and more are coming on board. That's all to the good. And, well, you can't beat the music. (Though I'm always going for more.) Job and house, well, who can say? Those aren't the things I'm living for, though I like both of them fine. They just kind of enable the rest of it, whatever that is.

So what's the big deal? Why all the introspection? Dunno. It's late, for one thing. But I guess I'm working on trying to figure out what should "stay" and what should "go." What the things to focus on are. And obviously, that means the next step is....


I don't have "types." I don't have a "type" of music, or food, or movie or sports or beer or restaurant or car or house or girl. I have preferences, sure. Loud, delicious, inexpensive, dark, happy, quiet, funky, smart, short (including "stack of pancakes"), tall (including "glass of iced tea"), unusual, smart, liberal. (Apply these to whatever you think you should.) I like sports teams that win and destroy (or at least overachieve and surprise instead of crush or disappoint you.) I prefer strong beer, dark coffee and loud cars. But I like quiet neighborhoods and elaborate food.

And not only that, I'll drink, um, other beer, eat cheap and uninteresting food, and live in Cambridge. So. Yeah.

I like art you never saw, music you (probably) never heard (not to mention TV shows you never watch), but I like stuff that everyone's heard too. My shoes are numbingly common but also....not so common.

Bang for the buck. And unpredictability. Eclectic I guess. I'll have to figure out how to keep all that, and let the rest of it go.

Yeesh. Now this sounds like one of those terrible on-demand video dating things.......Ah well. Nobody's up this late anyway.

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So this is the answer to "who is Rotorglow", yes? I will point people here. And now I understand all of the references to Michelle Mae lately.

(But I suppose I was the one who brought up Neko...)

Oh gosh...Who is Rotorglow? Well, this scratches the surface, I guess, and as much as I'd hate to be defined by late-night ramblings, I realize it's the Risk Of Blogging.

So, sure...Point 'em here. What the hell. It's no less accurate than anything else.

The Michelle Mae thing is one of those useless long-standing infatuations which I think I finally came to terms with last week when I saw Weird War for about the 5th time. And when you mentioned Neko, was reminded of the silly contest they were both in a couple years ago--the very definition of "reading for the articles."


Have I mentioned that my Boston book club once read both Playboy and Maxim for a meeting? Playboy won, by a LANDSLIDE.

As a matter of fact, you have not mentioned that. I'm not surprised. (I mean about Playboy winning; a book club tackling [?] Playboy and Maxim is somewhat surprising.)


In regard with the Michelle Mae thing I would like to say that I am sure you are not the only one, I mean considering her obviously beauty and style. But in my case, this crush, is even worse because I wish I could be her to stay with her all the time!


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